Portable UVIS – LowCam® VI110

Heavyweight UVIS protection in a lightweight, portable solution.

When maximum security is a must, the four-camera VI110 delivers best-in-class confidence. Integrated license plate recognition automatically accesses the system’s historical database and loads a comparative image, if available, from the vehicle’s most recent visit. Interactive playback review keeps your traffic moving, making the LowCam VI110 perfect for sensitive facilities with high rates of recurring traffic.


  • Four sensor-activated cameras for automatic inspections.
  • 3D composite image and full color playback review screen.
  • 21 inch, full color, touchscreen, sunlight readable monitor.
  • Foreign object detection (FoD) suite available.
  • Embedded front and rear LPR / ANPR with alert features.
  • Side-by-side comparison view of returning vehicles.
  • Uniform LED lighting.
  • Total ramp weight of 65 pounds.
  • Scratch-resistant, crystal sapphire lenses.
  • Sealed housing eliminates dust and moisture.
  • Stores up to 150,000+ vehicle records.
  • System packs into two Pelican™ cases.
  • Vehicle power inverter kit.
  • Accommodates 40,000 pounds of axle pressure

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